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Emily Wilson

Recent Posts

HighRoad Presents at OrgSource on Stacking the Association Martech Deck

Posted by Emily Wilson

on October 16, 2018

You wouldn’t put on your favorite sports sweatshirt and head out to your yard with only a rake, would you? Even if that is how you did it growing up, you know that using only a rake means a lot of extra work and a sore back at the end of the day.

Litmus Makes Outrageous Claim for the "Oops" Email and HighRoad Agrees

Posted by Emily Wilson

on September 12, 2018

This will sound outrageous to many email marketers according to a recent report by Litmus, but it’s time you plan for the apology email. Not planning for one because you think will never be in that boat is a missed opportunity for three reasons: it means you’re playing it too safe, you may be in a culture of fear, and you have poor quality assurance.

AAO-HNS Wins Another Award For Innovative Member Benefit

Posted by Emily Wilson

on August 16, 2018


Already boasting, the “world’s largest organization representing specialists who treat the ear, nose, [and] throat,” can now add multiple award winner for innovation in marketing technology in their back pocket. We’re just drying the digital-ink from our last announcement of their ASAE MM&C Gold Circle award in June, only to turn around and discover the American Academy of Otolaryngology has received yet another award! What could be causing AAO-HNS to be winning all these awards you’re wondering? The Academy, representing, 12,000...

How HighRoad Helped A 45,000-Member Association Win An Award for Digital Marketing

Posted by Emily Wilson

on May 15, 2018

If you have been to an association technology conference, you have seen organizations get recognized for their innovation and execution when it comes to membership management and marketing.

Newsrooms and Associations Have More in Common Than You Might Think

Posted by Emily Wilson

on March 7, 2018

A recent report conducted by Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism shared insights from organizations aiming to grow by converting readers into members. While news organizations have long led the charge for creating waves with clickable headlines and newsworthy stories, what’s changed is their source of revenue through membership. So, now we are taking successful initiatives from journalists and applying them to associations. 

Trust Down, Peer Influence Abounds

Posted by Emily Wilson

on February 28, 2018

In a survey of 30,000 consumers spawning 28 global markets, according to a HubSpot webinar on social media trends conducted earlier this year, consumer trust in authority is at historical lows. Additionally, traditional media is at an all time low in 17 countries according to a 2017 Trust Barometer. But we don’t need these global statistics to tell us declining trust is a major event; as it has been going on for some time. We do want to take away is what this means for brands and specifically for global, national, and regional associations...

Branding, Social Media & What it Takes to Launch a Product

Posted by Emily Wilson

on February 14, 2018

Occupying a rustic city block in the promising Norfolk, Virginia area is a sprawling 35,000 square foot warehouse where O’Connor Brewing Company produces the number one six-pack sold in Virginia. There we meet Kevin and Penny O’Connor, the two founders: one a visionary and the other the marketing mastermind. Next to them sit their right- and left-hand men, Hannah Serrano, and a young and talented graphic designer (whose name escapes me, but art doesn’t).

How is Your Organization Attracting Women Specifically?

Posted by Emily Wilson

on February 7, 2018

All this talk about attracting millennials and yet we are missing the giant not-so-subtle-anymore elephant in the room - women. We’ve seen the Women’s March take place for the second straight year, chances are you or someone you know used the hashtag “#MeToo” in solidarity, and we’re all noticing the black attire in the room at celebrity and political events. While we’re not here to get political, we are going to touch on how organizations serving their members can better attract the female professional to grow and compete with emerging...

Influencer Marketing, User-Generated Content and How It Can Grow My Association

Posted by Emily Wilson

on January 29, 2018

As an agency focusing solely on associations, we want to seek out what’s working, make educated guesses with surfacing trends and recommendations about new technologies, so that we can apply methodology specifically towards the needs of the association. If it’s helping to grow a for-profit organization, how can we manifest the same results for a 501(c) 6 depending on membership, events, advocacy, and education for revenue?

Transforming the Customer Experience: A White-Gloved Approach to Member Services

Posted by Emily Wilson

on January 16, 2018

First, defining what customer experience is will help lay the foundation for how associations can apply it to their member services. Customer experience is a culmination of product, service, and the experience before and after a sale that results in how the customer perceives your brand.