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Jeanette Hausner

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips To Know

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 30, 2017

One of the best ways to get attention for your business, your services, and your products is by implementing a social media marketing plan.  Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a host of other social sites are arenas where your business can get attention and gain traction.  Follow these 5 tips to get the most from your social media marketing efforts.

Creating A Great Online User Experience Is The Key To Success

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 29, 2017

Attracting new members and retaining current ones is vital to the success of your association.  Your association's abilty to keep it's members and visitors coming back leads to higher conversion rates and higher retention rates.  But getting them to return on a regular basis can be difficult.  The key to accomplishing this is to create a great online user experience.  

Infographic Of The Week:  7 Reasons Why Content Is Still King

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 27, 2017

Content marketing is the creation of quality blogs, articles, videos, and emails that seek to educate and inform potential buyers.  While the end game is the same as traditional marketing, content marketing is an approach that is more subtle.  By giving the buyer helpful content to make a more informed purchase decision, your brand is building a relationship with the buyer and establishing itself as knowledgeable and trustworthy.  The infographic below lists 7 reasons why content is still king.

6 Ways To Leverage Events For Valuable Content

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 23, 2017

There are many benefits to event marketing.  From increasing brand awareness, to connecting with your prospects and customers, to using it as a platform for your product launch, event marketing is a key ingredient to boosting leads and sales for your business.  Yet there is one aspect of event marketing that most marketers are failing to capitalize on.  Using the event as an opportunity to gather fresh content for their content marketing strategy.  You see, each event offers a chance to capture amazing content to include into your marketing...

6 Tips For Adopting A Customer-Centric Approach

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 22, 2017

It used to be that if a company focused on their product and delivered decent customer service all was good.  If a customer was unhappy, they might complain to a few people and then they would simply move on.  Damage to the brand was limited.  That isn't the case anymore.  Social media has given unhappy consumers a much louder voice.  Angry consumers, voicing their complaints online with reviews,  YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, and a host of other social media channels, can wreak havoc on your brand.  The repercussions of failing to meet...

Infographic Of The Week:  8 Social Media Trends To Know For 2017

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 21, 2017

Social Media has a huge impact on today's digital marketing landscape.  It has become an indispensable tool for marketers and it's use is only going to grow.  However, social media trends are forever changing.  So it's vital to stay informed of those changes.  The infographic below lists 8 social media trends on the rise this year.

A 10 Step Guide To Google AdWords Success

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 20, 2017

One of the many benefits of online advertising is the ability to target your ads to the audience you're interested in reaching.  AdWords is an advertising service by Google which enables businesses to advertise their goods and services in a very targeted way.  By using keywords that are chosen by you, whenever someone searches using those keywords, your ad will appear in the search results.  In this way you are able to effectively target the people that are looking for what you have to offer.  Better yet, when using AdWords, you only pay...

Infographic Of The Week:  Using Behavioral Analytics To Know Your Audience

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 13, 2017

As marketers, you use web analytics to check on the performance of your website and marketing campaigns.  You may be missing an opportunity if you are not also using analytics to obtain behavioral insights into your prospects and customers.  Using data to analyze customer behavior can play a huge role in your efforts to increase engagement, conversion rates, and sales.  The infographic below explains why you should use data to better understand your audience and how to create campaigns they will respond to.

4 Strategies To Promote Lasting Member Engagement

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 12, 2017

An association's ability to attract new members is essential for it's continued growth and success.  As association marketers, you spend a great deal of time and effort promoting your association and what it has to offer.  What you may not spend nearly enough time on is member engagement and retention.  It's important to note that the cost to an organization to aquire a new member is 7 times greater than the cost to retain one.  Membership retention is just as vital to your organization's continued success as member aquisition. Does your...

5 Tips For Growing Your Business On LinkedIn

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on June 9, 2017

When you think of social media, you probably think of something frivolous.  You think of arguments on Facebook over the latest TV show, Pinterest photo galleries getting shared and re-shared, and Twitter storms that go on and on about celebrity gossip.  However, social media is much deeper than these day-to-day entertainments.  It's where we communicate with our friends and family, it's where we follow the companies whose products we use, and it is where we network to make connections. Nowhere is this clearer than on LinkedIn.  Referred to...