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How to Create a Better Member Engagement Scoring Model For Your Association

Posted by Ron McGrath

on November 14, 2018

Ever since associations were first formed over a century ago, their executives have had a problem:

They have a large group of people they need to take action – join, renew, purchase products, attend events, advocate at the capitol, etc. While their membership may seem homogeneous, even small associations have a great deal of diversity among their members.

How to Select the Best Landing Page Software for Your Association

Posted by Maneesha Manges

on November 8, 2018

 All of your association’s goals depend on getting people to take action.

  • You need new members to apply.
  • You need current members to renew.
  • You need people to attend your events.
  • You need members to buy products or sign up for classes.
  • You need advocates in your industry to mobilize for change.

Smart associations know this doesn’t happen by chance, or by simply blasting members with emails. It takes thoughtful planning and precise execution. When you hear about these core association goals, the part that is often overlooked is that...

How to Increase Your Association’s Email Deliverability: 12 Areas to Optimize + 3 Tech To-Dos

Posted by Adam Higgins

on October 30, 2018

Email open rates have dropped for most businesses – hovering around 25%. That means for every 1,000 emails that reach a company’s target audience’s inbox, 750 of them don’t get opened.

HighRoad Solution Talks Marketing Automation at the Personify User Group Meeting in Chicago

Posted by Abigail Conlon

on October 17, 2018

Is your association looking to deepen relationships with prospects and members, but you’re struggling to make the most of your data?

HighRoad Presents at OrgSource on Stacking the Association Martech Deck

Posted by Emily Wilson

on October 16, 2018

You wouldn’t put on your favorite sports sweatshirt and head out to your yard with only a rake, would you? Even if that is how you did it growing up, you know that using only a rake means a lot of extra work and a sore back at the end of the day.

HighRoad Solution Shows Fonteva Users How to Integrate Marketing Software to Accelerate Growth

Posted by Lydia Arunkumar

on October 15, 2018

HighRoad Solution is excited to be a part of this year’s Fonteva Users Network Conference. This opportunity, to help the Fonteva community use marketing automation tools to increase membership, engagement, and revenue, is a highlight of our year!

5 Ways Your Association Can Use Marketing Automation To Grow

Posted by Ron McGrath

on October 9, 2018

There are specific actions that associations need people to take to meet their core goals – typically membership and revenue. For associations to “stay in business,” they need people to become members, remain members, sign up for programs, buy products, and register for events.

Association marketing is all about getting members, prospective members, sponsors, and event registrants to take those actions. If every associations had all an endless marketing budget and an abundance of staff, making sure that those audiences got the right message...

Top 5 Things to Consider in a Marketing Automation Platform

Posted by Lydia Arunkumar

on October 4, 2018

When preparing for your digital transformation, it is crucial to consider the role that a marketing automation platform will play, and the effect it will have on your marketing metrics. Features of a marketing automation platform generally include email marketing, landing pages and forms, campaign management, engagement marketing, prediction and scoring, customer lifecycle management, CRM integration, social marketing capabilities, mobile marketing capabilities, marketing analytics and more!

HighRoad Solution Celebrates Five Years as an Endorsed Partner to ASAE

Posted by Josh Paul

on September 28, 2018

Building Strong Relationships between Marketing & Technology is Key to Success

Do Associations Need Both Marketing Automation And Email Marketing Software? [Video]

Posted by Abigail Conlon

on September 13, 2018

At HighRoad Solution we are often asked “what is the difference between marketing automation and email marketing and how can my organization benefit by utilizing both?”

While we widely recognize that email marketing is a powerful and effective tool to implement under any market, combining the forces of email marketing with marketing automation can drastically impact your association’s email marketing strategy.  The choice then falls on your organization as to how much you want (or need) to accomplish with your leads.

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