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4 Ways Marketing Is Being Transformed By Automation

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on February 24, 2017

Marketing automation can effectively perform a wide range of essential marketing tasks.  It's benefits to marketers are many and it can truly transform, in very favorable ways, how marketers do their job.  However, one quarter of all marketers are still not using marketing automation.  For those marketers who have yet to make the jump, we have found an article written by Nicki Howell at Act-On, that lists 4 of the following ways marketing automation can tranform and improve your marketing efforts.

3 Content Marketing Tips Every Business Needs To Know

Posted by Liz Mackenzie

on February 23, 2017

Content marketing is the wave of the future, according to some. Since we've trained ourselves to ignore traditional marketing (changing the channel when commercials come on, installing AdBlock on our devices, etc.), businesses have turned to content marketing as a kind of Trojan Horse. Because a how-to blog series about caring for roses doesn't look like an ad, but it's still influencing readers to see you as a professional source. It cultivates loyalty, so that when you do ask them to follow your social media pages, share your posts, or go...

Toolkit of the Month: Shopper Marketing Methodology & Toolkit

Posted by Liz Mackenzie

on February 23, 2017

We just released this month's Shopper Marketing Methodology & Toolkit. This is a planning methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of tools & templates to help you develop and implement a shopper marketing strategy that increases sales, builds shopper insights, and grows brand awareness.

Infographic Of The Week:  Proven Ways To Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on February 22, 2017

The biggest reason online businesses fail is due to low or no conversions.  The Infographic below shows you ways to update your website and better engage your customers in order to increase your ecommerce success.

Have Questions?  We Have Answers.  Office Hours Are Back!

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on February 20, 2017

Digital marketing encompasses all online marketing strategies and these strategies are constantly evolving due to ever emerging new technologies.  That is a lot to know and, at the same time, keep current on.  Do you find yourself struggling at times over various aspects of digital marketing?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could ask your specific questions to someone who has the answers?  Well you can because we have a program at HighRoad U called Office Hours.  Every Wednesday from 3-4pm ET we will have a digital marketing expert available to...

Creating Content That Rises Above The Competition

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on February 17, 2017

Content is still king of the marketing world.  There is a staggering number of blog posts published every day accross the globe. Competition for audiences is fierce.  So how do you rise above the noise?  Marketers who know what types of content perform best and know the best social channels and times to promote their content are more likely to be successful.  

Email Marketing Tips: Punctuating Your Subject Lines

Posted by Liz Mackenzie

on February 17, 2017

Successful email marketing begins with people opening and reading your messages; and whether they open your email depends almost entirely on the subject line. Just as the headline of an article or blog post must grab people's attention and entice them to read on, the subject line of your email must convince them to open and read your email message. As boring and mundane as it may seem, an important element of any subject line is the punctuation. Here are 3 ideas to help you effectively punctuate your email subject lines:

Your Greatest Expense Is Your Greatest Return

Posted by Emily Wilson

on February 16, 2017

The common goal of an association’s marketing efforts is member engagement; however, the marketing approach that produces the most member engagement is the most difficult to execute. So, we uncovered some interesting insights through our annual Demand Metric marketing survey to learn more about event marketing and associations.

Help Us Help You.  Take Our 2017 Digital Marketing Survey

Posted by Katie Campbell

on February 15, 2017

Our survey on the State of Digital Marketing in Associations for 2017 has just opened.  For the last 3 years we have made it our job to bring the world of associations an annual report on the continually changing digital landscape. We have recently opened the survey in order to collect the data we need from association professionals.  The study is conducted by our marketing partner, Demand Metric, and is here to help you benchmark where you stand within the world of digital marketing.

Infographic Of The Week:  Ecommerce Trends For 2017

Posted by Jeanette Hausner

on February 14, 2017

Staying current in the constantly evolving world of digital marketing can be overwhelming at times.  But if you fail to stay up to date with the latest trends, you may be left behind.  The infographic below lists 8 ecommerce trends to be aware of this year.